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Primary Organization Neo Aerodynamic
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Cross Flow Turbine
Technology Description The patent pending Neo Aerodynamic turbine invented by Phi Tran harnesses torque from both kinetic and pneumatic energy of the fluid flow wind or water Since the lift forces are caused by artificial flow of the fluid air wind around the center of the turbine the turbine s worst enemy turbulence is neutralized On the wind facing wind make side the flow are then redirect outward form the center It then causes the lift on airfoils to push it turning Once the device is turning it causes the center to have lower pressure the outside air then rushes in to fill those vacuums This flow is then redirected to cause lift on the airfoil When turning the special arrange of the airfoil allowing the volume of the air passing through the upper chamber are always more then of the lower chamber This also causes the lift to make the device turn In short Neo Aerodynamic uses the artificial flow of the air to cause the lift on its airfoils That s why it s called Neo AeroDy

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 52:52.9

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