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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Tidal Stream
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/Thames at Chiswick
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Technology Type
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Axial Flow Turbine
Technology Readiness Level
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TRL 1-3: Discovery / Concept Definition / Early Stage Development & Design & Engineering
Technology Description The TidalStream SST (Semi-Submersible Turbine) is designed for deep water, typically 60m+ (e.g., Pentland Firth) where it is too deep to mount turbines rigidly to the seabed and too rough for surface floaters to survive. Tidal Stream SST consists of turbines connected to unique semi-submersible spar buoys that are moored to the seabed using anchors through swing-arms. This ensures automatic alignment to the tidal flow to maximize energy capture. By blowing the water ballast, the device will rise, rotate, and float to the surface still tethered to the base to allow for on- or off-site maintenance. By releasing the tether arm the device can be towed to a harbor at the end of its life or for major repair or exchange.

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 10/8/2010

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