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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Ing Arvid Nesheim
Technology Resource
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Technology Description The Multi Energy Device utilizes pressure differences to create a water flow that drives a water turbine and generator The water turbine can be integrated into the device or can be situated onshore using a flexible pipe between the device and water turbine The pressure differential is obtained by creating high pressure at one part of the device and low pressure at the other part of the device resulting in a water flow from the high to low pressure through the water turbine Low water pressure in the device occurs due to drag and inertia forces and the increased velocity of the water flowing past the device The degree of reduction in water pressure is related to the amount of kinetic energy of the water mass acting on the device

Mooring Configuration A number of devices can be installed between 2 mooring buoys which are coupled to anchors at the sea bottom or between a mooring buoy and an onshore mooring point

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 33:13.7

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