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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Waveenergyfyn
Technology Resource
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Technology Type
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Technology Description The connected pontoons swing around the hinge when the top of the waves passes under the floats The pontoons relative motion is converted into usable energy through a linear PTO system The pontoons are pushed upwards from the below passing wave and again dragged down by the same passing wave Complex hydrodynamic conditions occur under the pontoons when the wave formation pushes the unit up and down simultaneously The energy from waves can be divided into fifty percent potential energy and fifty percent kinetic energy Crestwing absorbs both the potential energy as the kinetic energy which is the back ground for the high efficiency

Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 80
Width (m) 20

Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 1
Device Testing
Scale Test •1 5 model was deployed in open sea in 2011

Date Submitted 21:07.2

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