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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Free Flow Power Corporation
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/Algiers Light Project
MHK Projects/Anconia Point Project
MHK Projects/Ashley Point Project
MHK Projects/Avondale Bend Project
MHK Projects/Bar Field Bend
MHK Projects/Barfield Point
MHK Projects/Bayou Latenache
MHK Projects/Bondurant Chute
MHK Projects/Breeze Point
MHK Projects/Brilliant Point Project
MHK Projects/Burke Landing
MHK Projects/Carrolton Bend Project
MHK Projects/Cat Island Project
MHK Projects/Claiborne Island Project
MHK Projects/College Point Project
MHK Projects/Cow Island Bend
MHK Projects/Cypress Point
MHK Projects/Davis Island Bend
MHK Projects/Deadman Cove
MHK Projects/Duncan Point Project
MHK Projects/Eighty One Mile Point Project
MHK Projects/Fashion Light Project
MHK Projects/Fitler Bend
MHK Projects/Fort Adams
MHK Projects/Fortyeight Mile Point Project
MHK Projects/General Hampton Project
MHK Projects/Georgetown Bend
MHK Projects/Gouldsboro Bend Project
MHK Projects/Greenville Bend Project
MHK Projects/Happytown
MHK Projects/Helena Reach Project
MHK Projects/Hickman Bend Project
MHK Projects/Hope Field Point Project
MHK Projects/Huffman Light Project
MHK Projects/Ironton Light Project
MHK Projects/Island 14 Bend
MHK Projects/Island 35 Bend
MHK Projects/Jackson Point Project
MHK Projects/Kempe Bend Project
MHK Projects/Kenner Bend Project
MHK Projects/Krotz Springs
MHK Projects/Lake Chicot
MHK Projects/Lake Mongoulois
MHK Projects/Linwood Bend
MHK Projects/Little Cypress Bend
MHK Projects/Little Prairie Bend Project
MHK Projects/Live Oak Project
MHK Projects/Malone Field Light Project
MHK Projects/Manchac Point Project
MHK Projects/Matthews Bend
MHK Projects/Melville Crevasse
MHK Projects/Miller Bend Project
MHK Projects/Milliken Bend Project
MHK Projects/Morgan Bend Crossing Project
MHK Projects/Myette Point
MHK Projects/New Madrid Bend Project
MHK Projects/Newton Bend Project
MHK Projects/Old Town Bend
MHK Projects/Palmetto Point
MHK Projects/Plum Point Project
MHK Projects/Point Menoir Project
MHK Projects/Point Pleasant Project
MHK Projects/Raccourci Cut Off
MHK Projects/Raccourci Island
MHK Projects/Reliance Light Project
MHK Projects/Remy Bend Project
MHK Projects/Saint Catherine Bend
MHK Projects/Sara Bend Project
MHK Projects/Scotlandville Bend Project
MHK Projects/Simmesport
MHK Projects/Slough Bend
MHK Projects/South Myette Point
MHK Projects/Springfield Bend
MHK Projects/St Rose Bend
MHK Projects/Stouts Pass
MHK Projects/Tensas
MHK Projects/Thirty Five Mile Point Project
MHK Projects/Tiger Island
MHK Projects/Turkey Island
MHK Projects/Turnbull Island
MHK Projects/Twelve Mile Point Project
MHK Projects/Twin Pond
MHK Projects/Vicksburg Bend
MHK Projects/Vidal Island
MHK Projects/Walker Bend Project
MHK Projects/Wax Lake Outlet
MHK Projects/Whiskey Bay
MHK Projects/White Alder Project
MHK Projects/Wickliffe Project
MHK Projects/Williams Point Project
MHK Projects/Woodland Light Project
Technology Resource
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Technology Type
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Axial Flow Turbine
Technology Readiness Level
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TRL 5/6: System Integration and Technology Laboratory Demonstration
Technology Description SmarTurbine has a 2.25 meter rotor (3 meter outer diameter including shroud), a single moving part (the rotor) with no gearbox or chemical lubricants, and generates 10 kW in flows of 2.25 meters per second.

Mooring Configuration N A
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Flows from 2 25 to 5 meters per second
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 4.5
Width (m) 3
Height (m) 3

Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 40 kW
Device Testing
Scale Test •A prototype SmarTurbine with a one meter diameter rotor was built and tested on land and in a flume in 2008 The prototype was deployed for testing purposes in the Mississippi River in 2009
Lab Test •A three meter SmarTurbine was constructed in January 2010 and completed in February 2010 Structural integrity and initial fish pass testing was done from February to March 2010 Electrical generation testing was successful and completed in November 2010

Date Submitted 3/21/2011

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