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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Severn Tidal Power Group STpg

Technology Type
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Cross Flow Turbine
Technology Description The Severn Barrage is a proposed tidal power station to be built across the Bristol Channel Severn Estuary Along the length of the Severn Barrage open sluice gates would allow the tide to flow in These gates would then be closed at high tide trapping enormous quantities of water behind the barrage A total of 214 40MW turbines would be built into the barrage through which the trapped water would return at high pressure when the tide turns generating electricity In order to permit shipping to pass through the barrage an enormous set of shipping locks would be constructed The tidal turbines along the barrage would generate the same amount of electricity as three of the latest nuclear power stations 8 6 GW during flow and 2 GW on average This would be sufficient to provide 5 6 of the current electricity usage of England and Wales equivalent to 8 large coal fired power stations

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 39:31.3

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