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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/SEAREV Pays de la Loire FR
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TRL 4: Proof of Concept
Technology Description SEAREV includes a sealed, watertight floater with a charged wheel inside that acts as an embedded pendulum. The upper half of the horizontal-axis, 9-meter-diameter wheel is empty. Weight is concentrated in the concrete-filled lower half, thus producing the pendulum effect. Sea swell and waves make the floater oscillate, causing the pendulum wheel to swing back and forth. Since the floater and pendulum each have their own movement, the relative floater-wheel movement activates a hydroelectric system that converts mechanical energy into electricity. Hydraulic pumps connected to the pendulum wheel charge the high pressure accumulators that discharge the water through hydraulic engines that drive electric generators. Several SEAREV floaters can be anchored offshore, creating a park or farm.

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 9/2/2010

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