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Technology Profile
Primary Organization HYDROCAP ENERGY SAS

Technology Description The device is made of a fixed central jacket having several external legs around A floater moves up and down the jacket s legs under the action of the waves The floater is made of two hulls which are built onshore and flotted to the jacket site clamped around the jacket legs In initial solution several wheels attached to the floater will be driven along the pile by the vertical movement of the floater and will in turn drive several generators located inside the hulls Alternatively the floater may also drive a hydraulic system located on the above plateform deck which in turn will drive an hydraulic motor and finally an electric generator The system may be combined with the structure of offshore fixed windmills in a combined wave wind energy convertor thereby sharing some of the fixed installation and production costs and increasing at marginal cost the production of the windmill installation by around 30

Mooring Configuration Multi pile jacket and floater
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Water depth sufficient for jacket installation between 30m and 100m Ocean waves up to 6m
Technology Dimensions
Width (m) 15
Height (m) 10
Freeboard (m) 4
Draft (m) 6
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) Multiple permanent magnet generators 50 to 100 kW each totaling up to several MW nominal capacity
Device Testing
Lab Test •most components have been economically and successfully used in the O G offshore industry over the past years

Date Submitted 59:03.1

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