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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Pelagic Power AS
Technology Resource
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Technology Description The technology of Pelagic Power has on a simple working principle based on a wave pump In its simplest form the wave pump consists of thre components a linear piston pump a water anchor and a surface bouy Pumps that are afloat 20 40 meters under the surface of the sea are key elements in Pelagic Power s wave energy concept In a submerged position the pumps are not at risk of being exposed to storm waves Within the new installations lie either so called absorbers or buoys upon the surface These devices gather energy from the waves and send it to the pumps located further down The pumps movement occurs between the absorber and a water anchor placed on each pump These pumps are called pelagic wave pumps and are not anchored to the seabed

Mooring Configuration Slack mooring but allowed to sway 90 degree around prevailing wind direction All within a frame mooring with capasity of i e 10 units This is similar to the type of mooring used by modern type ferrfloting fish faring i Norway but in larger scale

Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 100
Width (m) 100
Height (m) 60
Freeboard (m) 12
Draft (m) 8

Device Testing
Date Submitted 55:41.6

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