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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Functional Design Engineering Inc
Technology Resource
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Technology Description A long period spar buoy supports a subsurface flow augmentor The augmentor directs water from the wave s submarine flow field to a free prime mover piston The prime mover is decoupled from the machine s PTO during times in the wave s cycle when there is little power available for conversion Wave energy is stored in the device until the is enough flow magnetude that power take off can efficiently take place Power can be taken off as high pressure water crankshaft torque or directly as DC electricity

Mooring Configuration The most likely case is two or three point slack mooring Tests were conducted unmoored a mooring is not necessary for the operation of this system
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions There are no optimal conditions for this device it is customized for each application as are all OWP machines This machine can operate efficiently at any location on the west coast of the United States including south of Pt Conception inside the Calif byte
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 6
Width (m) 50
Height (m) 20
Freeboard (m) 30
Draft (m) 2900
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) Six inch prime mover 250W Two meter prime mover 20kW Six meter prime mover 100kW
Device Testing
Lab Test •Field testing off of Santa Barbara proved the concept for a 6 15m prototype and dynamic modelling has shown very favorable scaling to larger size

Date Submitted 28:42.0

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