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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Ocean Wave Energy Company
Technology Resource
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Technology Description Neutrally suspended and positively buoyant modules are quick connected into open frame networks Submerged portions are stabilized by variable ballast buoyancy chambers and optional damper sheets situated at a relatively calm depth Frame members carry shaft components of linear rotary converters associated with large point absorber buoys Both directions of reciprocal wave motion i e vertical and horizontal motion directly drive components of counter rotating electrical generators Compared to standard generators wherein one is associated with upstroke and another of smaller proportion with downstroke this configuration increases relative speed with fewer parts Electromechanical loads are real time adjustable with respect to wave sensor web resulting in optimal energy conversion from near fully submerged wave following buoys Electrical conductors are series connected and further quick connected with those of other modules via upper frame members Through implementation of rep

Mooring Configuration Proprietary
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Scalable modules correspond to dominant sea states Small modules may operate in 1M wave height Preferred range is 2 5M height then 5 8M height before fullest scale deployments in 8 12M height Module enlargement optimizes power curves
Technology Dimensions
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) Proprietary
Device Testing
Scale Test •3 modules tested in controlled unidirectional waves from 1 5 height 1 7 second period Test wave maximum was one half design scale Measurable direct current was produced and illuminated bulbs
Lab Test •Various buoy designs tank tested 1978 82 2008 LEG linear electrical generator experiments 1980 82 Tests of smallest full scale linear rotary flywheel generators 1984 91 generator tests and pending generator tests to 2009

Date Submitted 26:23.9

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