MHK Technologies/Ocean Wave Air Piston

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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Green Ocean Wave Energy
Technology Resource
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Technology Type
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Technology Description The OWAP captures power by continually raising or lowering a float which in turn raises or lowers one side of a lever arm about a stationary pivot point This therby raises or lowers a piston which is attached to the opposite side of the lever arm through a cylinder which in turn causes large volumes of air to move This air is funneled through drive turbines to produce power

Mooring Configuration Monopile or platfrom
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Wave height 2 4 meters Wave period 7 12 seconds
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 10
Width (m) 7
Height (m) 25
Freeboard (m) 15
Draft (m) 3
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 1 MW
Device Testing
Date Submitted 23:56.8

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