MHK Technologies/OMI Combined Energy System

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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Ocean Motion International LLC OMI
Technology Resource
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Technology Description The Combined Energy System CES consists of four sub system components a seawater wave pump a hydro turbine electric generator a reverse osmosis filtration unit and an electrolysis hydrogen generation unit The CES is designed to operate on a large offshore platform which is essentially a modified version of a standard modular offshore drilling unit The system produces potable water electricity and hydrogen which is delivered to shore through service piping and cabling The OMI WavePump is technically described as a mass displacement wave energy conversion device The patented seawater pump and heart of the CES is an innovative design which uses a small number of simple moving components for minimal maintenance and wear The hydro turbine electric generator is driven by the output of multiple WavePumps which provide a constant flow of high volume high pressure seawater

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 48:41.1

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