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Technology Profile
Primary Organization OCEANTEC Energias Marinas S L
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Technology Type
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Technology Description OCEANTEC Marine Energy Company Ltd owned by Iberdrola and TECNALIA is developing a sensor for wave energy technology type Spanish attenuator Floating body oscillates due to wave excitation in its main DOF pitch Mooring system allows the body to weathervane so that it is faced to the predominant wave propagation direction Main advantage capture system completely encapsulated free of contact with sea water A flywheel continuously spins under the action of an electric motor Z The pitching motion of the WEC caused by wave action is transformed into an alternating precession in the longitudinal hull axis X A coupling device transforms this precession into an unidirectional rotation of higher frequency that is used to feed a conventional electric generator

Mooring Configuration dead weight and mooring line
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions real sea conditions at the Cantabrian sea
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 45
Width (m) 7.5
Height (m) 5.25
Freeboard (m) 2
Draft (m) 5.25
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 5
Device Testing
Scale Test •1 4 prototype sea trials Basque coast
Lab Test •Workbench PTO tested

Date Submitted 36:18.1

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