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Technology Profile
Primary Organization ORECon
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Technology Type
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Oscillating Water Column
Technology Description A 1 5MW Multi Resonant Chamber MRC using Oscillating Water Column OWC principles Consists of 3 x 500kW independent chambers each with a Dresser Rand HydroAir turbine driving an induction generator Full power conversion system delivers grid compliant power 1 5MW 33kV 60Hz to shore Device is tension moored to maximise power capture and minimise footprint All maintenance is done on board No moving parts in the water Turbines are low speed 300rpm high efficiency 75 and low noise

Mooring Configuration Proprietary
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Installation site must be 50m water depth preferably 1km offshore to avoid coastal refraction and reflection of waves The optimum wave climate would be 3m 9 5secs period
Technology Dimensions
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 3 x 500kW Total export power 1 5MW
Device Testing
Scale Test •Complete system tested at 1 12th scale in 2003 in the sea off the UK south coast
Lab Test •Exaustive tank testing 30 models 3050 runs 1050 tank test hours Model scales 1 60th 1 40th 1 20th Full power take off system at 1 4 scale including turbine generator power conversion system generating power and delivering into the UK national grid Grid code quality confirmed by EDF local power utility

Date Submitted 53:39.7

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