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Oscillating Water Column
Technology Description Vertical cylinder shaped like a double sided hydrofoil The basic working principle consist of using the pressure reduction that occurs when water flow along a curved surface shaped like a hydrofoil to create a new water flow which can drive a water turbine The device comprises a cylinder with curved side panels and with a water turbine placed inside the cylinder Water flowing past the device will result in pressure reduction at the outer surface of the side panels due to hydrodynamic lift and pressure drag The pressure reduction creates a new water flow where the water flows into the cylinder at the underside further through the water turbine and out through the side panels The new panel design enables them to work even if turbulence occur moreover the design enable concentration of the hydrodynamic lift and drag forces resulting in increased pressure difference between the side panel and the water inlet

Mooring Configuration A number of devices can be installed between 2 mooring buoys which are coupled to anchors at the sea bottom or between a mooring buoy and an onshore mooring point
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions The device is able to capture energy from both low and high water velocities
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Date Submitted 57:09.3

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