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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Mavi Innovations Inc

Technology Description The turbines convert the kinetic energy of flowing water in tidal or river currents into clean and reliable power At the core of their technology lies a high efficiency turbine module consisting of a vertical axis rotor housed inside a duct

Mooring Configuration Depending on the specific application the turbine modules can be either floating gravity mounted or integrated into existing civil infrastructures
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Tidal and river sites with mean flows above 5 knots and depths over 8 meters are ideal locations for our turbine units
Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Scale Test •Extensive technology development through computer modeling and prototype testing at the National Research Council towing tank facility has resulted in an elegant and optimized design Testing of 1 10th Scale Prototype of Mi2 complete at NRC IOT

Date Submitted 09:27.8

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