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Technology Profile

Technology Type
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Axial Flow Turbine
Technology Description The MRL turbine equally converts both the lift and drag force in any given flow to rotational energy The benefits of using lift and increase the potential energy when compared to solely lift based machines such as propellers The base efficiency of the MRL device is 54 before various optimization features are installed 10 Other benefits to the MRL technology 1 Modular Design Lower risk financially and environmentally 2 Variable aspect ratio Unlike propellers estuaries require letterbox shaped extraction profile Particularly suitable for shallow water sites such as rivers estuaries Suitable also for deep water applications 3 Near surface operation Placed in highest velocity stream Easy to maintain 4 Movable If silting or flow profile shifts over the years devices can re sited and optimized for best extraction 5 Highly efficient Higher efficiency means smaller device size and weight Self starting and much lower cut in speed 6 Cheap to install No high cost ves

Mooring Configuration Gravity base although other options are currently being explored
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Shallow waters down to 5 meters MRL technology benefits from a flat performance profile i e No cut in speed This places MRL technology as particularly suitable to medium flow sites at around 2 meters a second
Technology Dimensions
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) MW
Device Testing
Scale Test •Currently installed in the Exmouth Estuary at 20KW size 1 50th scale

Date Submitted 49:39.7

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