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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Hydro Green Energy LLC
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/Alaska 35
MHK Projects/Maine 1 Project
MHK Projects/Mississippi 6
MHK Projects/Mississippi 7
MHK Projects/New York 1
MHK Projects/New York 2
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Technology Type
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Axial Flow Turbine
Technology Readiness Level
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TRL 4: Proof of Concept
Technology Description The Kensington horizontal axis turbine (Patented: US 6955049 and 43 international patents. 87 additional US Patents Pending) has asymmetrical dual optimized ducts that have the highest coefficient of performance of any current based system in the industry. The Kensington generates 2.5 to 3 times more power than a non-ducted pinwheel turbine. Water to wire, the Kensington has a first generation efficiency of 60%, and a second generation efficiency of 70%.

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 9/28/2010

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