MHK Technologies/IVEC Floating Wave Power Plant

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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Ivec Pty Ltd
Technology Resource
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Technology Description FWP design is based on an array of linked OWC s or chambers Similar to the cylinders of a combustion engine each FWP chamber has inlet low pressure flaps valves and outlet high pressure flaps valves As a wave passes through the FWP the water level and thus the air pressure within each chamber oscillates depending on its position within the wave cycle

Mooring Configuration single point
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Estimation of generated power for different regions Location QLD SA TAS NZ 50 X 200 metre platform 400kW 800kW 1100kW 2000kW
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 150
Width (m) 50
Height (m) 5
Freeboard (m) 2.5

Device Testing
Date Submitted 05:42.1

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