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Primary Organization Dresser Rand
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Oscillating Water Column
Technology Description Incoming surface waves induce an oscillating flow of air within the chamber which in turn flows backwards and forwards through an air turbine installed in a duct connecting the chamber to the atmosphere The turbine converts this air movement into electrical energy The VRT design comprises two sets of static guide vanes located on either side and at a larger diameter than that of the rotor These vanes are connected by a shaped duct to provide a route for the airflow Air enters the duct at a relatively low velocity and acquires a swirl motion as it passes through the inlet guide vanes The air then accelerates as it passes down the narrowing duct toward the turbine rotor The air drives the rotor and then decelerates as it travels back through the expanding duct before passing over the outlet guide vanes The process is repeated in reverse for the next wave cycle

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Date Submitted 13:51.1

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