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Technology Profile
Primary Organization PerpetuWave Power Pty Ltd
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Technology Description Elongated floats operate parallel to the wave fronts so that maximum energy extraction from the waves is possible by the large cross sectional area of the floats to be immersed in a wave front at once and thence moved upwards with the wave A further major feature of the Technology is the motion of the floats that due to the trailing arm type design move backwards as well as upwards so that the energy in the moving water and of any breaking waves on the floats is transferred to useable energy of the float by forcing the floats backwards as well as upwards This motion mimics the motion of an unattached float on the surface of the water as waves pass This is unique to our technology and combined with the large cross sectional area offered by the float design in the highest pulse loading possible This is repeated a number of times as a wave passes through with a resultant optimum energy extraction from the wave Below the vessel are fixed horizontal staliser plates that limit the r

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Date Submitted 04:29.6

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