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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Paradyme Systems

Technology Type
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Oscillating Wave Surge Converter
Technology Description A gyro wave energy transducer is mounted on the buoyant body for translating the pendulum like motions of the buoyant body into rotational motion The gyro wave energy transducer includes a gimbal comprised of first and second frames with the first frame being pivotally mounted to the second frame and the second frame being pivotally mounted to the buoyant body A gyroscope is mounted to the first frame for rotation about an axis perpendicular to the axes of rotation of the first and second frames A motor generator is coupled to the gyroscope for maintaining a controlled rotational velocity for the gyroscope Transferring members are associated with one of the first and second frames for transferring torque of one of the first and second frames to the gyroscope about an axis that is perpendicular to that of the gyroscope which results in rotation of the other of the first and second frames An electrical generator is responsive to the relative rotational movement of the first and se

Mooring Configuration In most cases two point catenary mooring
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Assuming 30 40 wave energy conversion per device locations providing at least 20kW m of average wave energy would be optimum This would correspond to an average wave height of approximately 1 5 2m For the higher output 250 350kW devices a wave height of 3 4m would be optimal
Technology Dimensions
Height (m) 4.5
Freeboard (m) 3

Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) Expected to be in range 10kW 350kW depending on scale of device Low power device allows for use on large lakes or eastern coastlines
Device Testing
Scale Test •Small scale model testing only to date
Lab Test •Model based on original 1979 invention built and tested New models now being designed and future tests of these designs are pending

Date Submitted 47:59.9

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