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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Wallenius Wilhelmsen
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Oscillating Wave Surge Converter
Technology Description The E S Orcelle will have five hulls a long slender main hull and four support hulls or sponsons to provide stability at sea The stability offered by the pentamaran hull and its fins combined with the use of new propulsion systems will eliminate the need for the vessel to take on and release ballast water In addition the pentamaran hull design will contribute to the improved utilisation of energy and to the clean flow of water around vessel Compared to today s vessels the pentamaran hull shape of the E S Orcelle and its utilisation of energy from renewable sources will help optimise the cargocarrying capacity of the vessel The E S Orcelle will have a maximum deadweight capacity of 13 000 tons and weigh 21 000 tons much like today s car carriers Yet the E S Orcelle will be capable of carrying approximately 3 000 more tons of cargo thanks to the use of lightweight materials and the elimination of ballast water Wave energy may be transformed into various types of energy by

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 49:49.5

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