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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Green Heat Solutions Limited
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Technology Description The only renewable wave energy system that can deliver constant base load or load following electricity in the GW range A by product is desalinated water The system comprises a wave energy converter mounted on a sea going ship that is free to go to where the waves are Gentec WaTS deep ocean or pelagic waves travel up an artificial beach mounted on the vessel where the potential and kinetic energies are converted directly into heat It is stored as heat on board the ship in large thermal accumulators until they are fully charged up thermally Deep ocean waves contain a lot of power so the thermal batteries can be recharged in just a few hours When fully charged the ship returns to it onshore berth where its valuable cargo of heat is transferred to a much larger heat store it is from this heat store that continuous green base load electricity is generated with the option to peak shave The on shore Gentec WaTS power station has a capacity factor of 100 because it can run for

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Date Submitted 43:14.3

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