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Technology Profile
Primary Organization LAUSDEO Incorporated

Technology Description Anchored floating OTEC plant Small volume above ocean surface so that device can avoid damage due to severe weather Water depth must exceed 600 meters Prefer to use power line to transmit electricity to shore facility Can use electrolysis to produce hydrogen and transport hydrogen to floating or shore facility

Mooring Configuration The preferred mooring configuration is gravity base with three bottom weights The weights can be at depths up to 3000 meters
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Warm tropical ocean with depth of 600 meters or more
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 60
Width (m) 60
Height (m) 540
Freeboard (m) 10
Draft (m) 530
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) The first technology demonstration ocean model is expected to be able to generate 60 kilowatt of net power The first production model is expected to be able to generate 12 megawatt of net electricity
Device Testing
Date Submitted 44:39.8

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