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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Applied Technologies Company Ltd
Technology Resource
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Technology Description The module of FWEPS is an oblong axisymmetrical capsule float which is located on the sea surface Inside the capsule there is a mechanical wave energy converter consisting of an oscillatory system and drive and an electric generator and energy accumulator Under the wave effect the capsule float and inner oscillatory system of the mechanical converter are in continuous oscillatory motion while the drive engaged with the system provides a continuous turn for the electric generator

Mooring Configuration Mooring or towboating or self sustaining aligning
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions Oscillatory property of the FWEPS when matched with outer wave space gives an installation the most effective mode for energy taking off and sustainable operation at varying wave height period through tuning to changeable external conditions
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 12
Width (m) 2.5
Height (m) 12
Freeboard (m) 5
Draft (m) 7
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) Single Modular FWEPS up to 50 kW and Multi Modular Installation in a Grid Form Dozens of MW
Device Testing
Scale Test •The study of FWEPS model irregular sea behaviour at Sea States 4 5 numbers performed in a sea keeping basin with wavemaker has demonstrated the device survivability in stormy condition
Lab Test •The research and development carried out to date has shown that FWEPS using an oscillatory drive enables to be considered a perspective device for wave energy conversion to electricity Due to its features and arrangement advantages FWEPS can be organically compatible and tuneable with sea wave space thus securing the best condition for effective wave energy taking off The experimental laboratory study of scaled FWEPS models has shown that the mechanical actuator being one of its main parts can be basically serviceable as a drive for an electric generator in the given type of energy converter

Date Submitted 13:40.6

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