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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Aqua Magnetics Inc
Technology Resource
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Technology Description AMI s Ocean Swell and Wave Energy Conversion OSWEC device uses a patented linear generator to directly convert the motion of ocean swells and waves into electric power In our initial designs the generator mounts underneath a floating buoy or on the surface of a platform with the buoy below however it is possible to fit the generator on other types of wave motion energy extracting mechanisms Housing moves up and down with the motion of the Buoy on the ocean s surface while the Damping Plates hold the Generator Coil in a stable position The relative motion between the magnetic field in the generator housing and Generator Coil creates an electric voltage in the Generator Coil After four design evolutions Aqua Magnetics Inc has created our patented reciprocating linear generator Scalable for a wide range of applications and able to operate in a wide range of sea states Generator prototype will produce approximately 10 watts of power in 15 cm 6 inch wind chop in the intraco

Mooring Configuration The mooring system use will be a 3 point slack line system The achor type will depend on the bottom configuration
Optimum Marine/Riverline Conditions AMI calculates the power capacity for the 1 meter diameter buoy operating in 2 meter ocean swells with an approximate period of 7 5 seconds The calculations for the 10 meter diameter buoy are for a 3 25 meter swell with an approximate period of 10 seconds
Technology Dimensions
Length (m) 10
Width (m) 10
Freeboard (m) 3
Draft (m) 7
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 1 meter Buoy 1 5kW 10 meter Buoy 300kW
Device Testing
Scale Test •AMI s buoy configuration has not been tested as of the first week of March We anticipate assembling the generator and beginning bench tests by the end of July
Lab Test •AMI s first development generator was tested in a platform operating configuration in our wave tank and in the intracoastal waterway

Date Submitted 48:35.6

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