MHK Technologies/Device for the Power Advantage of Sea Currents

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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Carmelo Vell n

Technology Description The project is a device for connection of turbines or hydraulic wheels in order to obtain energy from a water current variable in depth and direction of flow Its installation is executed by a mechanism of pivots in a direct way or a ballast at the sub aqueous bottom Its particular hydrodynamic morphology contributes to the direction and stabilization of all the set in the direction and sine of the current It has a series of devices able to measure the intensity of the current flow to orient the equipment towards the most favorable angle of attack of that flow towards the turbine It s applicable to any type of water current but it s especially suitable for the location in a basic sea current It allows to lodge different types from turbines or hydraulic wheels with the main object of the obtaining of energy preferably electrical which can be obtained by the combination of the turbine installed with a generator The project is placed then in the scope of the ecological and rene

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Date Submitted 29:59.5

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