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Technology Profile

Technology Type
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Axial Flow Turbine
Technology Description The CoRMat employs two closely spaced contra rotating rotors driving a contra rotating electrical generator. The first rotor has three blades rotating in a clockwise direction while the second rotor located directly behind the first has four blades rotating in an anti clockwise direction.
Power Transfer Method The turbine directly drives a flooded permanent magnet contra rotating generator without a gearbox. The flooded generator is cooled passively by the water eliminating parasitic energy losses associated with gearbox driven water tight active oil based gearbox generator cooling systems and power absorbing shaft seals.

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Scale Test •Testing of a prototype system in the Sound of Islay 2008 demonstrated the practicality and functionality of a single riser mooring device stability and continuous alignment within an energetic tidal flow and the generating ability of a passively cooled flooded permanent magnet contra rotating generator This proved robustness of the technology and the engineering science developed for undertaking system design and up scaling

Date Submitted 15:58.3

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