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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Atlantis Resources Corporation
Technology Resource
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Technology Type
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Cross Flow Turbine
Technology Description The Aquanator is a proposed device using hydrofoils (an underwater version of airfoils) to generate electricity from water currents. 'Aquanator' is a trademark of Atlantis Resources Corporation Pte. Limited. The Aquanator use a series of aquafoils (lift vanes) mounted on a belt or chain which slides on an oval track. The structure is mounted completely underwater. When the tide shifts the belt rotates in the opposite direction. Flows of about 1.0 m/s will rotate the aquafoils and generator, producing 1.0 MW of electricity.

Mooring Configuration Undisclosed

Technology Dimensions
Width (m) 57
Height (m) 9

Device Testing
Date Submitted 9/28/2010

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