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Technology Profile
Primary Organization Checkmate SeaEnergy
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Technology Type
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Oscillating Wave Surge Converter
Technology Description Anaconda uses a large water filled distensible rubber tube floating just beneath the ocean surface and oriented parallel to wave direction As a wave passes the bulge tube is lifted with the surrounding water and this causes a bulge wave to be excited which then passes down the tubes walls gathering energy from the ocean wave as it passes By matching the speed of the bulge wave to that of the sea wave resonance is achieved and high power capture becomes possible The bulge waves are then used to drive a turbine generator located at the stern of the device

Technology Dimensions
Device Testing
Lab Test •The device underwent a series of tests designed to assess the fatigue life of Anaconda when deployed These tests have now been completed and finalised Time will be spent collating all the data gathered and this will then be passed to Messrs Black and Veatch the international consulting engineers that Checkmate Seaenergy and Carbon Trust have chosen to conduct a fully independent review of the technology this in preparation for an approach to prospective investors

Date Submitted 35:14.3

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