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Project Profile
Project Start Date 1/1/2005

Project City Offshore of Lysekil, NULL
Project Country Sweden
Project Resource
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Coordinates 58.1944°, 11.3736°
Project Phase Phase 3
Project Details The project goal is to have a park of 10 wave energy converters connected to the electric grid by 2010. The first wave energy converter was launched in March 2006 and is still operational. Currently, all generated power is being delivered to a measuring substation on a nearby island. During 2008 another six wave energy converters will be launched along with the installation of a marine substation. The substation will aggregate the electricity produced before a subsea cable will transmit the energy ashore. The project is expected to remain in operation until at least 2014. Seabased AB is also performing a localization study aimed at constructing a wave power plant of 10-15 MW.
Project Installed Capacity (MW) 0

Number of Devices Deployed 10

Main Overseeing Organization Seabased AB
Project Technology MHK Technologies/Seabased
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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