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Project Profile
Project Start Date 1/4/2007

Project City 6 miles off Southwold on the east coast of England, NULL
Project Country United Kingdom
Project Resource
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Coordinates 52.3247°, 1.6878°
Project Phase Phase 1
Project Details Trident Energy is currently in the final stages of preparing for the deployment of a fully functional test rig in the North Sea. The TE4 project will be used to obtain performance data and operational capability prior to the design and deployment of the company's first full scale commercial 1MW rig.
Project Installed Capacity (MW) 1
Device Nameplate Capacity (MW) Proprietary
Number of Devices Deployed 1

Main Overseeing Organization Trident Energy Ltd
Project Technology MHK Technologies/Direct Energy Conversion Method DECM
MHK Technologies/The Linear Generator
MHK Technologies/Trident 1
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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