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Project Profile
Project Start Date 1/1/2008

Project City Sandy Cove Ketch Harbour Halifax, Nova Scotia
Project Country Canada
Project Resource
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Coordinates 44.4775°, -63.5408°
Project Phase Phase 1
Project Details Wave Energy Technologies Inc. is currently undertaking a project at its Sandy Cove research site. The project entails detailed engineering of a 40 kW EnGen throughout 2007. The device is to be installed as a pre-commercial demonstration project during 2008.
Project Installed Capacity (MW) 0
Device Nameplate Capacity (MW) The proposed demonstration project contemplates a 200kW device
Number of Devices Deployed 1

Main Overseeing Organization Wave Energy Technologies Inc
Project Technology MHK Technologies/WET EnGen
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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