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Project Profile
Project Start Date 1/1/2002

Project State/Province New York
Project Country United States
Project Resource
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Current /Tidal
Project Nearest Body of Water East River
Coordinates 40.7639°, -73.9467°

Project Details Verdant Power’s Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Project is located in the East Channel of the East River, a tidal strait connecting the Long Island Sound with the Atlantic Ocean in the New York Harbor. Through the use of Verdant Power’s KHPS, the project generates clean energy from the natural tidal currents of the East River. In January 2012, based on operational and environmental monitoring data gathered during prior system demonstrations, Verdant Power was issued a 10-year Hydrokinetic Pilot Project License from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a Water Quality Certification permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to operate the RITE Project. These authorizations make the RITE Project the first commercially-licensed tidal power project in the United States. The RITE Project is being developed in a phased approach to include up to 30 turbines providing 1 megawatt of power.
Permit/License Buildout (MW) 1
Device Nameplate Capacity (MW) Scalable generally ranging per unit from 56 kW 5m class to 500 kW 10m class

Number of Build Out Units Deployed 30

Relevant Project Publications •RITE Project Final License Application P 12611

Detailed Inflow Measurements for Kinetic Hydropower Systems in a Tidal Strait Hydrodynamic Analysis of Kinetic Hydropower Arrays NYSERDA RITE Environmental Assessment Project Final Report March 2011

Main Overseeing Organization Verdant Power
Project Technology MHK Technologies/Kinetic Hydropower System KHPS
Project Timeline and Milestones •1/1/2002 Gen3 KHPS tow testing (3.05 m diameter, vessel-mounted). Dynamometry data gathered, utilized to develop next generation full-scale units for demonstration.
•4/14/2005 FERC Declaratory Order ("Verdant Order") allowing for testing of grid-connected KHPS at RITE Project without requiring licensing under the Federal Power Act.
•12/12/2006 RITE Demonstration (2006 - 08) - Six 5m KHPS turbines operated in array - 1 dynamometry turbine; 5 generator turbines (rated 35kW) connected to two commercial end users. 70 MWh delivered; 9,000 turbine hours logged. Operational and environmental monitoring data utilized to submit license application for commercial development of project and advancement of technology to commercial class.
•12/23/2010 Verdant Power submits Final License Application to FERC and local applications for 1MW commercial buildout of RITE Project.
•12/22/2011 NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation grants Verdant Power Water Quality Certification permit for the 1 MW buildout of RITE Project.
•1/23/2012 FERC grants Verdant Power Hydrokinetic Pilot Project License for the 1 MW buildout of RITE Project. This is the first license for a tidal power project in the United States.
Project Licensing
FERC License Docket Number P-12611-005

Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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