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Project Profile

Project City Ramsey Island Sound Pembrokeshire, Wales
Project Country United Kingdom
Project Resource
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Current /Tidal
Coordinates 51.8703°, -5.3431°
Project Phase Phase 1
Project Details Tidal Energy Limited is installing a single DeltaStream unit off the coast of Pembrokeshire at Ramsey Sound for 12 months. The project will be used to demonstrate the capability of DeltaStream as a tidal stream generator and will provide evidence on how the device and environment interact.

During its deployment, the device will be connected to the Local Distribution Network allowing the electricity generated by the device to contribute to the renewable energy targets of the Welsh Government.

After 12 months, at the completion of the test, the device and its entire associated infrastructure will be removed from the site. Tidal Hydraulic Generators has designed, and plans to build a 3.5 MW turbine system for the Ramsey Sound in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The Ramsey Sound is 150-200ft. deep and has a six knot maximum flow.

Project Installed Capacity (MW) 4

Main Overseeing Organization Tidal Hydraulic Generators Ltd
Project Technology MHK Technologies/Tidal Hydraulic Generators THG
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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