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Project Profile
Project Start Date 1/1/2009
Project Status Active
Project City Fremantle, Western Australia
Project Country Australia
Project Resource
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Project Nearest Body of Water Exposed Open Ocean
Coordinates -32.2508°, 115.6511°
Project Phase Phase ?
Project Details The Perth Wave Energy Project will be the first grid connected wave energy project to utilise Carnegie Wave Energy’s CETO wave energy technology. The Project will be located at Garden Island, Western Australia, home to HMAS Stirling, Australia’s largest Naval Base. The CETO system consists of an array of submerged CETO units, subsea pipeline(s) to shore, and an onshore power generation facility located on Garden Island. The project has been under development for over two years and is now entering the detailed design phase, during which Carnegie will seek the required government approvals to construct and operate the project, and conduct extensive community consultation. The project is supported by Australian Federal Government funding through the Australia Centre for Renewable Energy’s (ACRE) Emerging Renewables Program (ERP), and the Western Australian State Government through the Low Emissions Energy Development (LEED) fund. The Australian Department of Defence is a strong supporter of the project evidenced by a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding. The project will be up to 2MW in capacity and, based on the recently completed preliminary design, is expected to cost $31.2m.
Project Installed Capacity (MW) 0
Permit/License Buildout (MW) 2

Number of Devices Deployed 0

Relevant Project Publications •Perth Wave Energy Project
Main Overseeing Organization Carnegie Wave Energy Limited
Project Technology MHK Technologies/CETO Wave Energy Technology
Project Timeline and Milestones •1/1/2009 Detailed design underway, Construction and commissioning of the Project will occur in 2013 with first power due for delivery into the grid at the end of 2013.
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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