MHK Projects/OSU Direct Drive Power Generation Buoys

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Project Profile
Project Start Date 1/1/1998

Project City Newport, OR
Project State/Province Oregon
Project Country United States
Project Resource
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Coordinates 44.6472°, -124.1269°
Project Phase Phase 3
Project Details The latest direct-drive prototype was successfully tested in September 2008 in the ocean off Newport, Oregon by Oregon State University (OSU), Columbia Power Technologies and the Facilities Engineering Command of the U.S. Navy. The year-long round of research and testing initially evaluated 18 different direct-drive point absorbers, and the five most promising designs were selected with the best suited design for local sea conditions being tested at sea.
Project Installed Capacity (MW) 0

Number of Devices Deployed 1

Main Overseeing Organization Oregon State University OSU
Project Technology MHK Technologies/Oregon State University Columbia Power Technologies Direct Drive Point Absorber
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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