MHK Projects/Clarence Strait Tidal Energy Project

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Project Profile

Project Country Australia
Project Resource
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Current /Tidal
Project Nearest Body of Water Clarence Strait
Coordinates -12.0836°, 131.0497°
Project Footprint(km2) 16.8
Project Phase Phase 1
Project Details Tenax Energy’s tidal energy project in the Northern Territory has the following aims:

• Establish a tropical tidal research and testing facility in the Darwin area, supported by a 10MW pilot project, as a cornerstone of innovation and knowledge in the tidal energy sector by 2015

• Construct a world-leading 100MW+ tidal power station by 2020, expanding to 456MW mid-century.

Main Overseeing Organization Tenax Energy
Project Technology MHK Technologies/
Project Licensing
Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Efforts See Tethys

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