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Safety Function: Markings, Hazard Warnings and Personnel Protection


Prior to deployment, marine energy converters (MEC) should be insected to verify that they have the required markings, hazard warnings, and safety equipment. This should, at the very least, be part of an test readiness verification

Overview for Open Ocean Testing

1. Markings

The MEC should be inspected to verify that the following information is prominently and legibly displayed on a nameplate
  • manufacturer and country of manufacture
  • Model and serial number
  • Production year
  • Rated power
  • Reference current speed
  • Rated voltage at the terminals
  • Frequency at the terminals
  • Operating depth range
  • Operating ambient temperature range

2. Hazard Warnings, Area Demarcations and Safety Equipment

MECs have large moving components and high electrical power that represent hazards to personnel. Each non-go area and hazard should be clearly marked. The MEC should therefore be inspected to verify that all necessary warnings and hazardous area demarcations are in place and clearly visible. These include
  • Identification of required PPE
  • Safety instructions
  • Fixing/tie-off points
  • Fall protection system
  • Warning labels for hazards
  • Marking of hazardous areas
  • Protection from moving or rotating parts

3. Personnel Protection

The MEC should be inspected to verify that all personnel protection systems are present and properly installed. These include such items as panel covers, conductor insulation, fall protection tie offs, lock-out tag-out systems, etc.