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Manufacturer: Smart Fibre Ltd.
Measurement Category: Oceanographic, Structural Loads, Condition Monitoring
Operating Environment: Underwater, Above Water, Splash Zone
Mounting: Surface mounting, composite embedment.
Operating Mode: Free Streaming


An unpackaged Fiber Bragg (FBG) sensor supplied in a single mode optical fibre for strain and temperature measurements. Suitable for very low intrusion surface mounting, FRP composite embedment, or packaging into an FBG transducer.

Sensor Measurements

  • Temperature (Water)
  • Strain (Axial Load)
  • Strain (Bending)
  • Temperature (Internal Environment)

Measurement Specifications
Strain Range: +- 9000 ustrain; Sensitivity 1.2 pm/mstrain; Resolution 0.4 ustrain; Temp sensitivity: 11 pm/degC; Temp resolution 0.05 degC

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Optical strain and or temperature sensor. Mutiple km signal integrity. Cable and connections made to suit application.

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