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SV Xchange

Manufacturer: AML Oceanographic
Measurement Category: Acoustic Noise
Operating Environment: Underwater
Version(s): XCH-SC-STD: range 1375-1625 m/sXCH-SV-1120: range 1100-2000 m/sXCH-SV-0520: range 500-2000 m/s

Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Specification: Instrument powered.


SV-Xchange is a field-swappable sound velocity sensor. Each sensor-head contains embedded electronics where calibration coefficients are stored. Sensor-heads can be moved from instrument to instrument without impacting field accuracy. Compatible with all XSeries Sensor Xchangeable Instruments.

Sensor Measurements

    Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

    Requires Xchange instrument for data acquisition. Calibrations purchased separately.

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