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SE 993A Triaxial Accelerometer

Manufacturer: Wilcoxon
Measurement Category: Structural Loads
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space

Communication Protocol: Voltage
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC


Meggitt manufactures a variety of Wilcoxon Research triaxial sensors which consist of three sensing elements within a single housing. The 993A series is a reliable 3-Axis sensor widely used in industry.

Sensor Measurements

  • 3-Axis Acceleration (Vibration)

Measurement Specifications
Sensitivity 100 mV/g Frequency Response: 2 Hz - 2 kHz

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Meggit has a broad line of piezoelectric vibration sensors. See website for more complete list.

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