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PCB Series 1102 Canister Load Cell

Manufacturer: PCB Pieozotonics
Measurement Category: Structural Loads
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space, Above Water

Communication Protocol: Voltage
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 20 VDC max


PCB's cost-effective canister load cells are easy to install and ideal for low-capacity applications. They are used in applications such as weighing, quality control, tactile forces, and static material test machines, Canister style load cells also include a built-in mounting base for a simplified installation in both tension and compression applications. Standard capacities are 25, 50, 100, 200, and 300 lbs.

Sensor Measurements

  • Strain (Axial Load)
  • 1-Axis (Axial Load)
  • Pressure (Structural Pressure)

Measurement Specifications
Specs are for range of versions offered: Range: +- 25-300 lb peak

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Spec sheet is representative of product line. Many versions in series.

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