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Omega HX71 Series RH Sensor

Manufacturer: OMEGA Engineering
Measurement Category: Meteorological, Condition Monitoring
Operating Environment: Above Water, Splash Zone, Dry Enclosed Space
Version(s): HX71-MA: 4-20 mA output
HX71-V1: 0-5 VDC output
HX71-V2: 0-1 VDC output
Communication Protocol: Current, Voltage
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: HX71-MA: 8-12 VDC; HX71-V1/2: 6-24 VDC


The HX71 Series relative humidity sensor/transmitter provides a reliable and economical method for most relative humidity monitoring applications. The linearized current or voltage output permits interfacing with most display and control devices like meters, controllers, recorders, and data loggers.

Sensor Measurements

  • Relative Humidity (Air)
  • Relative Humidity (Internal Environment)

Measurement Specifications
Accuracy (@23C): +-4 % from RH 15-85%, +- 4.5% below 15% and above 85%

Guides and Manuals

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Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Note: For Optimum performance, Unit should be operated in >1 MPH of moving air.

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