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LS1 Linear Position Sensor

Manufacturer: Novotechnik
Measurement Category: Structural Loads
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space
Mounting: Adjustable clamps
Communication Protocol: Voltage, Current
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 16-32 VDC; < 1 W draw


Novotechnik LS1 series linear rod type position sensors are available in stroke lengths from 25 to 200 mm. They have high tolerance to adverse environmental conditions and provide long operating life, with various features, to meet the requirements of most any position sensor application. The LS1 series is a non-contacting inductive senros that features customization and programmability.

Sensor Measurements

  • 1-Axis (Displacement)

Measurement Specifications
Stroke Length: 25 mm to 200 mm

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Novotechnik produces a wide range of Linear Position sensors. See site for more details.

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