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HWS Barometric Pressure Sensor

Measurement Category: Meteorological
Operating Environment: Dry Enclosed Space
Version(s): S-BPA-CM10
Mounting: Velcro Tape
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Specification: Powered by ONSET Data Logger.


The Barometric Pressure Sensor provides average barometric pressure for each data logging interval over the range of 660 mb to 1070 mb. The operating temperature range for this sensor is -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F);. The data logger is compatible with This specialized smart sensor must be used inside an Onset Data Logger Unit nclosure to assure protection from direct exposure to the weather.

Sensor Measurements

  • Barometric Pressure (Air)

Measurement Specifications
Range: 660 mb to 1070 mb Accuracy: +- 3.0 mbar Resolution: 0.1 mbar

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Available off-the-shelf. Compatible with HOBO Micro Station Data Logger and HOBO H22 Energy Data Logger

User Experience

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