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Garmin GPS 15x

Manufacturer: Garmin
Measurement Category: Motion, Location
Operating Environment: Above Water, Dry Enclosed Space
Version(s): GPS 15x-F: LIF connector;GPD 15x-W: JST connector;GPS 15xH/15xL: True RS-232 port
Mounting: Mounting holes;
Communication Protocol: RS-232
Operating Mode: Free Streaming
Power Supply Type: VDC
Power Specification: 3.0 - 3.5 VDC ; (66 mA typ)
External Input: Antenna input


GPS 15x is a small, versatile, high-sensitivity sensor designed for a variety of OEM applications, including car navigation, wireless communication, marine navigation and mapping. Roughly the size of a commemorative stamp, GPS 15x weighs approximately 10 grams and works well for applications with limited space. GPS 15x has a CMOS level, UART-compatible asynchronous serial port, has a wider input voltage range than its predecessors, and can be updated with the latest firmware from our website. GPS 15x offers excellent EMI/RFI performance, so you can use it near mobile computing devices and wireless communications equipment without worrying about interference. Available off the shelf.

Sensor Measurements

  • 2-Axis Velocity (Translation)
  • Geodetic Position (Position)

Measurement Specifications
Standard (SPS): < 15 m (95% time); DGPS (WAAS enabled); < 3 m (95% time);Both formats: Velocity: 0.1 knot RMS steady;1 Hz standard update rate

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

Supports NMEA output. Antennas include: Garmin GA 25MCX; Garmin Low Profile Profile Remote Antenna; Garmin GA 25BNC; Accessories such as cables, mounts, available online.

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