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Conductivity & Temperature Sensor 4119

Measurement Category: Oceanographic
Operating Environment: Underwater
Version(s): 4119, 4119A, 4119AIW, 4119ASW, 4119B, 4119BIW, 4119BSW

Operating Mode: Polled
Power Specification: SR10: -6 to -14 VDC; 5mA/T where T is recording interval in minutes


The 4119 is a compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of seawater, the model includes a temperature adapter.

Sensor Measurements

  • Salinity (Water)
  • Temperature (Water)

Notes, Considerations & Recommendations

4119AIW and 4119BIW are designed to operate down to 2000 meter. 4119ASW and 4119BSW are designed for 300 meter. 4119A and 4119B is designed for use with cable, using CSP. 4119 without extension is designed for use with AADI Sensor disk. 4119 can not be used with CSP (Cylindrical Sealing Plug).

Outputs in propretary SR10 signal standard. Signal converter to 0-5V or 4-20mA standard outputs available from Aandaraa.

Sensor available in A and B versions; version B has enhanced accuracy compared to version A.

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